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FABS berusaha untuk mengembangkan dan menerapkan solusi inovatif untuk mencapai standar lingkungan yang tinggi di semua bidang pekerjaan kami.

ID In line with our dedication to quality, health, safety and environment, sustainability forms the core of FABS. With guidance from our corporate sustainability policies and procedures.

At FABS, we acknowledge that our project management solutions influence communities both directly and indirectly, which is why through innovative solutions we strive to minimise environmental impact. FABS assists our clients to develop more robust, long-term solutions. These include energy efficient systems, clean technology and green solutions in our projects. Capable of long-term business cost savings, environmentally sustainable solutions are in the best interests for both client and society. We also prioritise making positive impressions on the local communities we work in, through supporting community growth and specific improvement programs.


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