Tentang Kami

Nilai FABS

FABS peduli terhadap lingkungan dan percaya dalam menawarkan solusi yang lebih hijau, bersih, inovatif, cerdas dan berkelanjutan.

ID We strive to become the “partners of choice” for clients by adhering to our strong company values, including:


Integrity governs everything we do. Always acting ethically is fundamental to our business

Client Satisfaction

Understanding and responding to our client’s needs is a matter of pride. Our focus is on developing and nurturing long term partnership with our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Innovation & Adaptability

Key to our success is in offering creative solutions addressing client business requirements. We strive to stay flexible and adaptable to develop smart solutions and thrive on technical and managerial challenges.

Health, Safety and Environment

FABS approach to the HSE implementation in our design and project execution is not negotiable. We consider effective HSE to be a key component to any project.

Team Work

For us team work means pooling knowledge, integrating skill to maximise outcomes and taking a transparent approach to internal and external relationships.

Respect for People and Culture

Involves supporting the efforts of others and embracing not only our staff but also all the people we interact with during the course of our business relationship.


FABS has a proven track record in delivering projects on time and within budget and is a trusted name in project management and construction, providing excellent client service. We will always adhere to our business philosophy, committing to providing state of the art technologies in safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions.


Sistem manajemen

FABS akan menerapkan standar tertinggi dalam kaitannya dengan Kualitas, Lingkungan, dan Keselamatan.